Water Protector Legal Collective

There is still work to keep the water ​safe. And keep those who protect the earth safe. Please donate.  Please continue to help.

I am not anti-gun.  I am pro-responsible gun ownership.  Responsible use and storage.   And sticking to the law when it comes to the sale of guns. 

"Extraction" mixed medium

I was hesitant to add any  of my work that may generate discomfort in some people.  But I belive that is an important part of being an Artist.  Not just creating art that is pleasant to the eye, but art that gets people talking and thinking.    Lynn Armede DeBeal

Lynn Armede Debeal

(Paul) Ryan views "Rape" as being another form of Procreation:

"Pro" = meaning: "works for me.",  something good, something you want.     Something he agrees with, sees as a positive.

"Creation" = meaning: brought forth, produced, shaped, grew, created.

In reference to Human Beings,

"Procreation" = Birth, one's seed, a child, even love, the future, our descendants, a part of who we are, Mothering, part of the Earth, to many, it has Biblical references. 

Paul Ryan believes that the word "RAPE" has a place in that definition.

​lynn A debeal