Lynn Armede Debeal

The Basics - Graphite Pencil alone, or with Hard Pastel or Chalk Pencil.

Color Pencil Sketches - my Favorite as far as sketching goes.

"Dreamer, Nothing But A Dreamer"

I love silkscreening.  I was a Print Major in College. But with a restrictive lung disease I can no longer work with acetone.   One of the things I like about "Vector"  artwork is it's close relationship to silkscreening.  The process of separating all of the color tones.

Processing my lung surgery,  Sleep apnea, living on supplemental Oxygen with my art....LOL 

I I had no idea that Open Lung Surgery meant chronic thoracic nerve damage for the rest of my life. 

More Mixed Medium - Fanciful, Flight

"There Is More to Us Than A Uterus"

Mixed Medium

Having Fun

"Cyborg Lynn"  Magic Marker and White Out

"Thoracic Pain Syndrome"  Sketchbook Prophere.

"Mother Earth Bringing Us Spring"  2015

Ink Pen

Sketchbook Proyour paragraph here.