My Digitally Manipulated Brass Door

Sitting on the bus in my sadness,  I feel like I have become the "Multi Colored Lady".  All the problems in the world and my sadness seems so self centered.  No chance of escaping to Rome with a handsome stranger though.

My  a. m. Commute 2003 Pinole Valley Road.  The same road I learned to drive on 1971.

Train Ride to Portland

Chevy Suburan On 33rd Ave NE

"No Umbrellas Here" Vocals - Lynn Armede DeBeal.  Lyrics by Pamel Popoff and Lynn Armede DeBeal.  Produced by Al Amos.

The Seattle Metro System

Lynn Armede Debeal

The Ceiling At Meadow Brook Pool

Big Sky Country

My Seattle​e

Passing Through Longview Washington on the Train

Brass Elevator Door Downton

Coastal Train from Southern California to Seattle.