The Ceiling At Meadow Brook Pool

Coastal Train from Southern California to Seattle.

Big Sky Country

My Seattle​e

Passing Through Longview Washington on the Train

"No Umbrellas Here" Vocals - Lynn Armede DeBeal.  Lyrics by Pamel Popoff and Lynn Armede DeBeal.  Produced by Al Amos.

Lynn Armede Debeal

Sitting on the bus in my sadness,  I feel like I have become the "Multi Colored Lady".  All the problems in the world and my sadness seems so self centered.  No chance of escaping to Rome with a handsome stranger though.

My  a. m. Commute 2003 Pinole Valley Road.  The same road I learned to drive on 1971.

Train Ride to Portland

The Seattle Metro System

Brass Elevator Door Downton

My Digitally Manipulated Brass Door

Chevy Suburan On 33rd Ave NE