"Crash Boat Beach",  Aguadilla, Puerto Ricop 

I never wanted to be a Mermaid. But I did want to be able to be able breath under water.  I remember seeing a "Twilight Zone" where a guy grew gills and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world.  Yes, I was a weird kid. LOL.

But then again, as an adult I swam in just about every major river in California.   And a few in Oregon and Washington.  I've spent hours in pools.  Hours diving off  rocks and exploring underwater, and coming back up again, and doing it again, and again. Floating in a river, lake, natural pool all day.   I truly think I was an otter in a past life.  I hope I'm one again.

A requested piece I did for an event;

       Oil Pastels on Canvas


Lynn Armede Debeal

If I can,  5 times out of 10 times,   keep my words,  hands,  path and sights connected to my heart  -  I'll be doing all right in my book.

"Morning Commute" 

"Red Dress"

"Morning Set-Up"

I love getting a chance to see a glimpse into the lives of working women around the world. These are business women.  Co-workers. Just like any other working women.  

"Talk Story"

Mixed Medium

Soft Pastels, Chalk and Charcoal.

A series I did recently of Afro-Columbian Woman Vending their Wares in Market Square.  I used NuPastel, hard clay pastels. FINALLY, a pastel that does not cause dust!  That does not cost me at least a week of painful breathing,  prednisone and nebulizer treatments in order to use them!  I am a happy camper. Thank you NuPastel..

"Serious Business"