Lynn Armede Debeal

I have always loved Origami.   The pieces in this series have been influenced by my and my family's love of Asian art.   Color pencil "Fish" series



I used to do leather tooling and batiking.  Some of the pieces in this color pencil series remind me of leatherwork.

"Cyber Sculpture" is what I call another  series of my  3D "optical Illusions".  They are my hand drawn pastels,  paintings, color pencil sketches, water colors and digital art that I have folded, twisted, stretched, rendered, shaded, scanned, added more layers of pastels, color pencil, or collaged, scanned and kneaded , folded and rendered again.

Mixed Medium - "Emeshed"

I was able to use many different mediums to add texture to this series that started with one color pencil sketch.  Again, Art is alive.

Mixed Medium  "Woven"

Multi Medium Collage "Nests - Pulled Apart"

"Alter" color Pencil

UFO with a sunny disposition.