Lynn Armede Debeal

​I'm looking forward to working with stencils again.   And spray paint once they come out with non-toxic ones.

The last crew

TThis was the first time this little one had ever painted. She had so much fun.

My friend Mary added the Purple Haze while I painted out the circles. We were quite a pair.  

Her in a wheelchair and me in a power chair. But we had a blast getting it done.

​Murals and or Public Art ( Tiny Houses ) I'd like to do in the future.

Some of the Students fish

Thanks to Mark Mendez of the Seattle Rec Dept. in Lake City's Teen Leadership Program, and "Lake City Future First"  I've been able to return to doing public art. Murals.   Something I did when I was younger and have really missed being involved in.  

The first mural was right in front of the apartment complex I live in.  That was wonderful because I was able to include a lot of my neighbor's children.  The little people I've been able to watch grow up over the last six years.

And some of the Middle Schoolers and Teens from The Teen Leadership Program. 

Thank you for a wonderful day Children of Lake City Court. Thank you for helping me with this beautiful mural.  Thank you for making this beautiful mural come to fruition Lake City Teen Leadership Program. 

As I mentioned I had smaller groups this time, thanks to the Art Teacher Elizabeth.  She's a wonderful Teacher.  You can tell her Students really love her.  I had pre-mixed all the paint and poured them into cups for the students.  

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The left side

And they started filling them in. 

Tiny House front door in Homeless Women's and Infant Village in Ballard. 

Some of them really liked the color green very, very much. Some decided the blue looked best everywhere. And there were some issues with the paint itself.  But most of all, they had a blast. And that is what it was all about.  They were all wonderful young people to work with.

I painted the color palette for the youth.

My original sketches

They  added some beautiful details on the orbs. And helped work with me on more of the orbs that needed a little triage. 

The 33rd Street Mural ​"Purple Haze"'s  originally intended image, is a digital remix of a color pencil sketch I did.  It is what I painted on to the wall and what we started with. 

At one point we had 25 four through sixteen year olds painting the mural so I ended up learning a very important lesson.  This mural was about the children...let go of control Lynn. I let go (with the exception of a few minor blow ups on my part)  and we all had fun. 

The Mom that volunteered was one of my neighbors.  She and her daughter were one of a ffew of the families that live in my apartment complex.  It was wonderful to see them.  It was a great group of kids.   .ww

​From one end to the other. 

I started out with an afternoon with 35 first through fifth graders there at the school one afternoon. 

​I brought a couple of large fish shaped templettes for  them to trace, paint and cut out.  After painting real and made up fish of their choice they cut them out stuffed them and were able to hang them from the ceiling like floating fish.

The Art Teacher sent me photos of a few of the most colorful fish.  I painted those and the fish I had done a pastel drawing of for them on the store wall.

The students came out for two days, in groups of three (yes!) and did their magic.  We had a blast.  As usual, they taught me so much more than I could have ever taught  them.

So I spent the next few weeks doing some editing, and... then some amazing young Artists came and bailed me out.

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And the finished product.

They took my melody and remixed it into a beautiful new song.

The right side.  With the color palette filled in.  And the plants, thanks to Stephanie Morales. I could not have completed the mural without her.  She did all the plants for me.  And am very thankful for her help. 

​Next I edited and finished the fish while Stephanie did a wonderful job on the plants.

Thank you Concordia Lutheran School Students and Staff!! You ROCK!  Thank you Stephanie Morales.  Thank you for setting up this gig Mark Mendez. Thanks Lake City Future First, The Lake City Lions Club,  the Teen Future Leaders Program,  the Lake City Community Center.  And of course,   The Fish Store.

Next I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Concordia Lutheran School students on a mural at a local fish store here in Lake City Seattle.    "The Fish Store".  12320 Lake City Way N.E., Seattle , WA 98125