Color Pencil Sketches graph here.

"Sky Pi-lot" series,  How High Can You Fly?

Lynn Armede Debeal

Color Pencil Sketch to the Power of Four

"Nigerian Wax Prints" series  - color pencilshere.

Sketch Pad Pro - "Towels" Series

‚Äč   Kaleidoscopes, Mandalas,  and        Pinwheels of my color pencil sketches  and acrylic abstract  paintings. 

Mom's Table Cloths

"Ribbon Shirts" - mixed medium

"Autumn" series  - Oil Pastels on canvas

"Squid Nest"

Dry Pastels and digital play..

"Folded Mandalas"

"Southwestern  Dance Regalia"  Series

"Squid Blossoms"

Color Pencil - clay