Digital copy of a painting,  printed out, photographed with cowrie shells, feathers, hand stamped pieces of paper, and scrapes of other pieces of my art.  Scanned and digitally manipulated.

"Untitled" color pencil

Like a child’s Kaleidoscope the process has been a delight of discovery to me.  And like Geometry, I never know exactly where I will end up, but know it will be what it wants to be, and it will be beautiful. 

After decades of doing traditional art, dry pastels, acrylics, oils, clay color pencils, batik, silkscreening, I have had to rethink my creative tools completely.  20 years after the 10 years of on-the-job exposure to toxins in the semi conductor industry and two moldy apartments ended with my having open lung surgery. And a restrictive Lung disease.  So, I had to find a non-toxic art medium. I had to continue creating.  It’s what I came here to do  And I have.  Mandalas.  The world of Geometry.  Kaleidoscopes. 

So I started playing with Digital Art programs.   Using my own hand drawn art,  I started "remixing" it digitally for fun.   Kind of the way I had done "cover tunes" of other people's music during my music career.  paragraph here.

The Music of Spheres:

I am indeed a "Child of the 60's".   I still love a little "Day Glow" color every once in awhile.  I have no problem admitting I sported "fishnet" stockings and "A-Line" skirts with MOD blouses.  I must admit that the Mandalas and Orbs are a part of my "Inner Hippy".  

And making them have been a part of my healing from the loss of a very physically active lifestyle.  Before my lungs went out on me in 2005 I was not only at the height of a 30 year music career, but a swimmer and hiker and avid walker. My Art has helped in my grieving process.    

Switching to digital Art has given me the chance to continue making art.  I have been excited to see that over the last ten years more and more manufacturers are coming up with non-toxic art supplies.  I have been able to return to pastels now that there is a form of hard, dustless pastels.

"Northern Drum" Nupastel

"Waves"  color pencil

​​ Architecture and Geometry.  Egyptian, Moorish, Greek, Mayan, African, and Modern Architecture Moorish and Mediterranean Tilework.  African Wax Fabrics.  Native American Dance Regalia.  Tie Dye, and Batik.


I also love that they are Optical Illusions.  From a distance they are Abstract designs floating on a black background.  It's only when you get up close to them that you can see that they are made of 1000's of women dancing,  1000's men making music on the steps of a building.  A 100 images of a "Hipster"  looking into the sun.   

Again, like music - Art cannot be static. 

Lynn Armede Debeal

Sacred Geometry

I go to Pow Wows when ever I can. This series is inspired by some of the Regalia, the "Roaches" worn on the end of the female dancer's braides. And the forehead of the male dancers.


​​One of the things I am enjoying the most my digital work is that they are High Resolution and can be printed out anywhere from 26  to 100 inches in size. 

The pieces in this series of orbs are all named after Semi Precious Gem Stones.   Type your paragraph here.

 Architecture  and Geometry