Oil Pastels on canvas  puzzles 2016

watercolor and nupastels 2015

Color Pencil sketch (originally) 2014

Color pencil sketch puzzles

up to

60 X 40 inches

Woven Rug  30 X 16 inches  2013​​

Color Pencil sketch of a Junket in front of a sunset on the sea turned into

"A Festival of  Lanterns"

Digital play mixed with clay and wax color pencils, pastels, water colors.  Some have been done in layers.   Contours rendered, areas texturized, highlighted, and collaged together multiple times.

having a restrictive lung disease digital art gives me an opportunity to work in a chemical free environment.  And it has opened my world up to a whole new medium.   I had painted a few abstracts years ago, but it was not my forte.  But having to live chemical free led me to think of different ways to get some of the wonderful textures and effects I had enjoyed with acrylics.,  japanese  leather batiking.

Lynn Armede Debeal