Lynn Armede Debeal

I am an emerging Seattle Artist. Having lived in the Pacific Northwest as a child and an adult, in the S.F. Bay Area, the East Coast and in Europe, my artwork reflects the diverse populations and places I have seen.

Our family was stationed in Europe during the 50’s and 60’s.  I feel very fortunate to have seen the Sistine Chapel, Venetian Glassworks, and tiles, enormous tapestries in the German Castles, marble sculptures and ornate ironwork that are present everywhere in Europe at that age. It had quite an influence on me.  I believe my ability to soak up everything in my line of sight allowed me to start my “Art History 101” at that early age.  

The Art books my family collected. Our collection of Charles White’s fine and detailed prints had an indelible effect on me. The primary colors and joyful scenes of the Haitian Art. The powerful images in the Ebony, National Geographic, and Life Magazines my family subscribed to over the decades. My Mother’s extensive collection of European water colors, and the books of 17th Century Bible engravings they had.  I took it all in.    The Biblical engravings were my first anatomy books - at nine and ten years old....of course without my parents knowing.  

And then, I became a part of one of the most influential eras of US history - The 1960’s Civil Rights & Peace Movement.   My attention, and my art shifted. 

Beginning in the late 1960‘s I started to soak up the Fillmore West, Berkeley Square, Winterland, Keystone  concert Poster Art.  From the political art in the Berkeley Barb, Black Panther, San Francisco and Santa Cruz news papers to R. Crumb and Dori Seder comic books.  The colorful “Flower Power” Art, and Peter Max images.  The resurgence of Maxfield Parrish Art, vintage 1930’s Folk Tale book illustrations and Art Deco. 1970‘s & 80’s Jazz Fusion, & Funk album cover art and Fashion, it all had a major influence on my art work. Inspired me. Inspired my college major in Graphic Design. My love of  silkscreening, batik, etching.  Hard, dry pastels, and clay color pencils are my favorite mediums. People are my favorite subjects. Facial expressions. Although mixed medium, collages are a close second. 

 Over Ten years, 2004 ago on-the -job exposure to asbestos, silica, sand and sandblasting caught up with me.   I had been a quartz fuser for the Semi Conductor Industry for 12 years.  I had also been exposed to mold in after two separate basement apartments I was living flooded.  Open lung surgery confirmed an interstitial lung disease.  A restrictive lung disease.   My whole life crashed around me.  As did my 30 year singing career.   I have been on supplemental oxygen 24/7 every since then.     I will never be able to silkscreen again, paint with oils,  work with hor wax, work with any medium that has chemicals or loose pigments.  Even some adhesives are difficult to be around.  But I can wear a mask when I work with graphite or hard pastels.  And I have a new tool - a digital medium.  So I consider myself a very fortunate woman.  Many people go their whole lives without the chance to do what they love to do.    What they came to the planet to do.  I have been able to do two things that I love to do.  Make music, and now make art.  

Lynn Armede DeBeal

"Camper Shell on 33 Ave NE"  photoshop 2015

A lone house sites on a hill, some spare shrubs surround it. There’s a white picket fence, cached with dust but still well mended. Its posts echo the hills rolling beneath. Everything is gentle and nothing seems hard. Why there’s a two-story tower in the middle of the plain...wait, maybe it’s not the middle. From where you are, the plain totally surrounds you. It looks like you could walk miles in either direction and still be nowhere nears its edges. The middle then must be somewhere, but you can’t be sure it’s where you are and where this building is. The building appears to have just the one door and two windows and no apparent purpose. Maybe if there were a horse tied up out back, or at least some semblance of people having been here. To find out, you might just have to go in and see for yourself.

Clay Color Pencil Mandala Collage 2017

Mixed  Medium Color Pencil Sketch - Framed​ 2015

In the past I've shown at:

I will be participating in "Path With Art"s upcoming Summer 2017 exhibit.

Seattle City Hall "We Are All Here" exhibit - 2016

Kaffeeklatch, Lake City - 2016

Soloris Building, Lake City - 2016

110 Union Art Co-op Show - 2012

Bemis Art Show - Spring 2011

Wallingford Art Walk - 2009

U District Art Walk - 09

Avanti Frame Shop, Greenwood - 2000

Columbia City Community Festival - 96

​I recently received a grant from Seattle's Office of Arts & Culture, Artists Up, and Arts Trust that will allow me to exhibit at least 8 large-scale (16" X 16" - 40" X 26") prints of digitally-manipulated versions of my original artwork. You can see some of them on my "Orbs"  and "Mandalas" page. The exhibit will also include the original hand done pastel, color pencil and painted artwork.  I'm really excited about the prospect of my own first gallery exhibit.

I'm also looking forward to making my art large and interactive. I recently took a book sculpting class. The teacher, Seattle Artist Michelle de la Vega, brought back my memory of my love of folding paper. Of making puzzles, moving parts, things people can push and pull. 


My Art Education;

"Book Sculpting" 2017 Spring Semester - Path With Arts. 

"Collage Making" 2016 Summer Semester - PWAs.

Various "Seattle Figure Drawing" meet-ups, & classes at wheelchair accessible locations over the last 10 years.

Laney College, Oakland CA 76 - 78 Print making under Jerry Gouch.

Contra Costa College, San Pablo CA 72 - 72 & 92 Graphic Arts & Silkscreening.

Leather Batiking, Richmond Art Center 72Type your paragraph here.

"The Dancer"  2013

My Artwork can be purchased at:

2013 Mixed Medium Water Color Pencil Sketch from 1992

Cyber Sculpture Series "Tubular Bells - Lapis" 2000

"Cinni"  Mixed Medium 2005