Lynn Armede Debeal

​I love the vibrance of dry pastels.  The way pastel pencils allow me to catch the details in facial expressions.

"​when i create: i think no ill thoughts, do no ill deeds, linger not in ill places.

when i create: my soul soars, my body flys, my heart flows down my arms and out through the tips of my fingers.

when i create, the voices of my ancestors run though my veins to my lungs n' out my mouth.

when i create , i am free.  "

Please feel free to check out my Galleries;

People and Places.  Cyber Sculpture. Abstract.  Pastels. Kaleidoscopes.  Pow Wow Circuit. Musicians.  Sketches.  Photographs, and Digital art.  

Peace,  Lynn Armede DeBeal


Mixed Medium -  Oil Pastels on canvas

​photographyaph here.

​​"Cyber Sculpture" - Optical Illusions

Color Pencil Collage Abstracts 

​​Welcome to my Web Site. I am a Pacific Northwest Artist.  My Art includes dry  Pastels,  and Pastel Pencils.  Wax, Water Color and Pigment Color Pencils. Pen and Ink. Charcoals. Watercolors and Acrylics. Digitally manipulated hand-done original art and my own original Photography.   My original hand-done Art scanned and photographed after being manipulated by hand with other mediums.