Lynn Armede  DeBeal

There have been a couple of times in my life in that I didn't have the space available to set up a drafting table, or easel.  Or the space to keep a lot of art supplies around.  But, I did have a computer.  In 98 I was introduced to my first "Art" program on the computer.  A basic PC 'Paint Brush' app.   I had a blast.  I learned how to draw with a mouse.  THAT took quite a while. But was fun.  Then I got my first Walcom tablet and Painter program.  Next a fantastic Kaleidoscope program.  And last but not least, Photoshop Elements. 

All of my digital artwork is a manipulation of my own hand done artwork.  I view it the same way I view my music that I've written and recorded.  My own lyrics, and arrangements.   Try different arrangements of a song.  I may perform an acoustic version of one of my songs, but record a jazz version of it.  Or take a Reggae cover song and perform it with a latin vibe.  Over the years, I've performed an acoustic, Nuevo Soul version of a Peter Frampton's "Time of Year" that has been a real crowd pleaser.   Also, because there is absolutely NO ONE who can sing Bob Marley's "Waiting In Vain" better than Bob Marley,  I recorded it with a Salsa back beat.   And it worked.

That is basically what I have done with some of my art work.  I scan it, and up-load it into my computer and tweak it here and there.  Print it out, and do more hand work on it, scan it and up-load it again.  Stretch it, pull it, change this and that, print it and add pastels, or color pencil, shading, highlights.  Some times I'll add things - feathers, fabrics, shells, textures.   I just have fun manipulating it the way I had fun with my music.

I am a very lucky woman.  Due to a restrictive lung disease I can no longer sing, but I've been able to focus my creativity into my artwork.  Not a lot of people get a second opportunity to do what they love to do.   

I hope the joy and gratitude I feel about being able to do what I was born to do comes through in my artwork and brightens your day.   Peace, Lynn Armede DeBeal.

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